Television & Film Careers in New York City

Television & Film  Careers in New York City

The film and television production industry plays a crucial role in the economy of New York City. The second largest film and television production industry in the US (California has the largest), New York City's economic impact is multiplied through its continued support of jobs in other production areas such as catering, equipment rentals, and technology.

Employment Outlook

The film and television industry contributes about $5 billion to the city's economy annually. New York City is a media hub and is the home of the three major American broadcast networks, ABC, CBS and NBC. The FOX Network also owns and operates WNYW and WWOR. In addition, NY is also host to the Board of Education station WNYE, and two Hispanic language stations (on UHF channels 41 and 47) which are the New York area affiliates of Univision and NBC owned Telemundo respectively.

New York is also the headquarters of several cable television channels, including MTV, Fox News, HBO, and Comedy Central. MTV broadcasts programming from its sound stage in Times Square, which is nearby to The Late Show with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live is broadcast from NBC's studios at Rockefeller Center, where Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NBC Nightly News and The Today Show is also taped. Black Entertainment Television (BET) is headquartered on 57th Street and The Colbert Report, produced by Comedy Central, is broadcast on 54th Street, and The Daily Show, also produced by Comedy Central, is taped just a few blocks over on 11th avenue and 53rd street.

Public Access television is also very large in NY as WNET, New York's largest public television station, is a primary national provider of PBS programming. The oldest public access channel in the United States is the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, well known for its eclectic local programming.

Education & Training

Before you can direct the next Hollywood blockbuster, produce a film, or become a major star, it is essential to obtain a basic understanding of how the entertainment industry works. You should also have an idea of the type of career you would like to pursue, as well as some type of vision of how to get there.

A variety of schools in New York City and the surrounding area offer diploma, certificate, associate, bachelor, and advanced degrees in film and television production and associated careers.

Featured New York City Schools for Film & Television

New York Film Academy

Designed for today’s generation of artists, learn to write, shoot, direct and edit your own film during an intensive Masters Degree, Associates Degree or short-term program in filmmaking.

The Art Institute of New York City

With its location in downtown Manhattan in the SoHo/Tribeca area, students of The Art Institute of New York City are surrounded by one of the most diverse creative communities in the country. This location offers access to a variety of museums and galleries, theaters, performance halls and a renowned fashion scene, making inspiration undeniable.

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Important Film & Television Resources in New York City

The NYC Mayor's Office of Film

For over forty years, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting has been the agency providing one-stop clearance and permit operations for film and television productions in the City. As part of these services, the office continues to coordinate and provide free police assistance, free parking privileges and access to most exterior locations free of charge, including 300 square miles of City streets.

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