School Profile: The Art Institutes Media Programs

School Profile: The Art Institutes Media Programs

Have you always wanted to turn your creative endeavors into a successful career? The Art Institute offers a comprehensive media arts program that enables students to combine their creativity with current technology.

Be prepared for real world challenges by learning how to communicate, problem-solve, and meet client needs. You’ll also be going to school with other students pursuing a passion for the arts, so you can look for support inside and outside the classroom.

See how the Institute’s cutting-edge technology and infinite resources can prepare you for today’s hot jobs in the following areas:

Animation and Special Effects

Learn how animation and special effects function from start to finish with an education in character and object design, audio for animation, and video production. Students will learn how to create animations and special effects in Maya and other professional equipment widely used today in professional studios. After graduating from the university you can look forward to careers in 3-D animation, special effects artist, or digital animation.

Audio, Video, and Film Production

Combine your creative ideas with today’s technology and bring them to life. Students in the film making and video production sequences will study audio, video, and motion graphics using the latest technology. Audio students will learn the ins and outs of audio programs like Pro Tools where they’ll mix and produce tracks. Students will be prepared with the skills to land jobs in broadcasting, videography, film production, and more.

Game Design and Programming

Game Art & Design

Fully embrace your love for video games with an education in game design and/or programming. In the Game Art & Design program, you’ll learn the art and design skills needed to get into the gaming field. You’ll use your talents to create applications used within the business, education, training, and entertainment industries. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as modeler, storyboard artist, animation artist, 3-D illustrator, digital artist, FX artist, video postproduction artist, broadcast graphics designer, and game designer.

Visual & Game Programming

In Visual & Game Programming, you'll take courses in art, general studies, mathematics, science, computer engineering, and computer graphics. As you gain experience, you'll create modified prototype games in a group environment, learning how a whole team works together to create a product. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as digital artist, character animator, texture artist, and character modeler.

Interactive Media:

With the growing popularity and development of mobile technology and the Internet, web design is a field booming with jobs. At The Art Institute, your education is designed to help you create and design rich experiences for Internet users with success.

Can’t wait to get started on your education in media arts? Get free information on The Art Institutes and learn more about their programs and 45 locations.

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