Chiropractic School Accreditation

Chiropractic School Accreditation

For a chiropractic education, accreditation is of vital importance to its reliability. Accreditation grants students confidence in their education so that they may have self-assurance in the chiropractic program; that it met and/or exceeded standards set by alternative medicine professionals and governing bodies. In addition, it gives assurance that the education is considered to be of value by chiropractic businesses and professionals.

The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) is the only accrediting body accepted by the U.S. Secretary of Education for the accreditation of chiropractic education programs. The CCE evaluates the effectiveness of educational institutions programs in addition to their mission statement, program objectives, and program results.

Along with the CCE, there are six regional accrediting bodies in the U.S.:

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