Acting and Theatre Careers in New York City

Acting and Theatre Careers in New York City

Times Square, Wall Street, the Empire State Building ... and Broadway. All these have helped shape New York City's image as a leader in finance, entertainment, and the arts, but it is the theatres in Broadway and off-Broadway that attract millions every year looking to pursue their passion for acting and the performing arts.

You might envision actors and theatre directors in New York as part of the swirling glitterati -- the rich and famous who go on to land a career in film or perform in stage plays around the world. But the reality is often quite different. As one New York actor put it, prepare yourself to "live in a studio apartment with three roommates, and find work as a waiter."

Education & Training

Formal training in a university or conservatory is typical for actors. Many actors, producers, directors, and theatre managers hold degrees in theatre management, or in arts or nonprofit management.

Some actors and performers go on to pursue a master's degrees in fine arts (MFAs), which would include courses in stage speech and movement, directing, playwriting, and design, and intensive acting workshops. The National Association of Schools of Theatre accredits over 150 programs in theater arts.

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