10 Top Places to Work in New York

10 Top Places to Work in New York

Whether you are looking to break into a new profession or simply work for the best, these New York companies have great benefits, great perks, and most importantly employees who love their jobs.

Crains New York and the Best Companies Group recently surveyed employees and employers from 150 companies of all sizes for satisfaction in company policies and benefits. Listed below are the first ten of the report's top 40 employres.

1. Ateleier Ten

London-based Atleeir Ten may be small in staff, but that smallness doesn't mean employees are doing the work of ten. The company gets high marks for "a culture that encourages employees to take time to unwide and regenerate".

The environmental design consulting and building services company has four outposts in the U.S., and employs 27 in its New York office. The voluntary turnover rate is 5%.

2. Microsoft Corp.

Are you a PC? If you're working for Microsoft, you undoubtedly are.

Microsoft employees in New York, as elsewhere, enjoy 100% coverage of health care costs, along with coverage for elder care, adoption and tuition. The perks also include $800 a year for fitness expenses, including anything from gym fees to a new bike.

Despite recent cuts, Crain's reports that Microsoft staffers continue to be motivated by the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology.

3. Epic Advertising, Inc.

Online advertising firm Epic Advertising doesn't believe in all work and no play. The 63 New York employees (the company employs 114 nationwide) work hard and play hard, and the play could include everything from karaoke to costume parties. Promotions are also key in developing morale. Thirty percent of staff were promoted over the last year, and the voluntary turnover rate in the latest year with available data (2008) was 2.7%. The average salary at Epic is $164,138. But you'll work hard for it -- Epic gives just ten paid holidays and ten vacation days after one year.

4. Bingham McCutchen

Large law firms are common in the Big Apple, but Bingham McCutchen, which employs over 300 people in its New York office, is unique in its reputation as a worker-friendly company. Recently, the New York office absorbed attorneys from Boston during a merger. Employees cite the open communication as key to their satisfaction with the firm.

5. Administaff, Inc.

Big company resources with a small company feel help Administaff stand out from the pack, according to Crain's. Communication and compassionate care for employees and a focus on volunteerism (Administaff is, after all, a human resources services company) are hallmarks of Administaff's qualities. The company employs 34 human resources specialists in New York.

6. GolinHarris

The 30 public relations professionals employed in GolinHarris's New York office enjoy the prestige of promoting some of the more well-known brands in the U.S., from Nintendo to McDonald's. Promotions, bonuses, and are other fun types of recognition help GolinHarris retain employees.

7. YAI Network

The non-profit YAI Network serves the disabled and their familes. It's all about the mission at YAI, and the 2,140 New York employees embrace that mission with fervor. Employees at YAI can add programs for which they see a need, and though the average salary is low -- about $32,000 for direct service professionals -- the benefits and "particapatory management style" keep staff motivated to serve their customers.

8. Rand Engineering & Architecture

Mentoring is key at Rand, where new employees are matched with a buddy who introduces them to company policies and practices, and helps inculcate pride in the company from the get-go. Yoga, an exercise room, and a decorated recreation-room pool table help knit the 65 building renovation and maintenance employees together, and keep the turnover rate at a low 3%.

9. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Guests aren't the only ones to receive special treatment at Kimpton hotels, according to the survey. The luxury boutique hotelier, which employs 369 in New York City, provides one-month paid sabbaticals to managers and executive chefs who have been with the company for seven years. And, like Rand, Kimpton uses a mentoring program to introduce new employees to the culture and the company. Other perks include health benefits for part-time workers.

10. Michael Page International

Recruiting firm Michael Page International, which employs 138 recruiters in New York City, keeps its recruiters longer than other recruiting firms by offering generous starting salaries for inexperienced graduates, handing out bonuses, and providing younger workers the chance to learn directly from senior managers.

For more information on the best places to work in New York visit Crain's New York.

Source: Crain's survey

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